Don’t let the strange hat and coat fool you: Mr. Cuddington is dedicated to bring you the best imagery you can get, and in doing so is very flexible in adapting its style to reflect your needs and budget.

Here is a list of some of the services he offers:

Mr. Cuddington is ready to make personalized artwork for any occasion. If you’ve got an image in mind that you would like to see come through life, just slide a note under his door detailing what you need. He can work in a wide range of styles, from simple outlines to full shaded realistic images, black and white portraits or cartoonish characters – whatever your vision is, he will make sure that it is up to your expectations.

Printed or electronic, a book has only one chance to catch the eye of a potential reader, and that’s through it’s cover. With his keen eye for typography and composition, Mr. Cuddington is determined to help you find out the best way to illustrate your story.

Card games hold a special place in Mr. Cuddington’s heart and, consequently, are one area he spent special care perfecting his art. He knows what makes a card stand out well without making it too distracting, and understands how to make a series of images that will all feel unique while being part of the same universe. He is also very adaptable and ready to match an already established style if other artists are working on the game.

Mr. Cuddington is an avid board game enthusiast and always on the look out for the next beautiful game to add to his collection. It is not an easy task to create all the intricacies of a full game, from box cover to tiles, cards and manual, but he’s always up for the challenge. If you think your game deserves to stand out from the crowd, contact him and he will do all in his power to make sure that your game is the next one to end up on his shelf.


As the style and complexity of any illustration can make its price range substantially, please send a detailed description of what you require to and he will send you a quote accordingly with his current availability.
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